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The most interesting part . And this is where our passion at Heritage Tours comes alive to its fullest.
Standing on your balcony at La Mamounia, you first see the snow-capped peaks of the High Atlas mountains—the largest mountain chain in Africa —crowned by Mount Toubkal at nearly 14,000 feet.

The mountains begin only a short drive south of Marrakech, as you leave the land known throughout history as “the land of the ruled” and enter those romantic and legendary lands of the High Atlas: a region known for its untamed warrior clans (which existed well into this century and gave the French fierce resistance), its dramatic landscape and its beautiful women.

It is also known for a way of life until only recently disturbed by the intrusion of modernity. The majority of the population still live in remote earthen villages and their economy revolves around the weekly souks (markets) which travel from village to village.
“One of the most spectacular half-day drives in the world”. Condé Nast Traveler (April 1998) writing about the wonders of Tizn Test.
There are only two passes through the famed Atlas: both originate in Marrakech.
One, Tizn Tichka, winds its way east to the Sahara desert and its lush oases and river valleys which once defined the great trans-Saharan trading routes.
The other, known as Tizn Test, is even more dramatic. It snakes its way south from Marrakech, reaching an altitude of 6,800 feet before descending into the fertile Sousse Valley and the ochre-hued city of Taroudant.

Along this road is the newly-restored 12th century mosque at Tinmal: from this tiny mountain outpost, a medieval Berber warrior tribe conquered Marrakech to found a new dynasty. With great fervor, they would conquer all of North Africa and Spain, ruling with brutality and terror.
Also along this legendary road of Tizn Test is the intimate resort of La Rosarie—an upscale lodge near the base of Mount Toubkal, filled with colorful and fragrant rose gardens for which it is named.
La Rosarie makes a good starting point for those wishing to venture into the Atlas on foot, mule or horseback.