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Cascades Ouzoud A 167 km from Marrakech, the site of Ouzoud waterfalls is one of the most beautiful attractions of Morocco and the most visited regions of the Azilal: large successive over 100 m high, with a quality

environment (moderate temperature, green valley, water mill, orchards ..). This is a dream destination or combine to offer you the best of the region Azilal.

Ouzoud waterfalls should be classified as one of the “natural wonders” of Morocco. Approximately 330 feets high.
Among the olive-trees with the foot of the cascades. This path offers on the falls of the points of increasingly brought closer sights.
The cascade is also “off-off” the beaten path. But the journey there is well worth the effort. Journey down the well constructed path through olive trees to the bottom of the gorge and look up as the water cascades over the edge far above you.