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The city of Meknes, an imperial city of charm that takes place as a walk freely where you can enjoy a diverse range of services relaxing steam and you will have the opportunity to visit the place of Golf Royal in the city or go drink a mint tea in front of the famous place where Lahdim is Bab Mansour.
Second station to the Roman city of Volubilis , which is on the edge of Wadi Khoumane forming the fabulous river on the outskirts of Meknes, it is very close to the famous town of Moulay Idriss where the remains of the first Idris rests.
The name of this great historic area amounts to the abundance of the plant, for against his or Oualili Walili Berber name means flower of bindweed .
Economic and social side , we bring information that the city lives trade olive oil .

Starting your tour you franchiserez a fertile agricultural region for the cultivation of cereals, legumes, oil producing areas … etc, to finally reach the neck of his way Zagota which offers a long series of eucalyptus forests , olive groves , fig trees and so on .
On reaching the plain of Volubilis, you will discover a hundred percent historic area containing all the remains of the Roman transition of the region in Morocco in the first century of the time.
After this wonderful discovery walili you will reach the famous city of Moulay Idriss to reveal an image formed through the panorama and the round white minaret decorated with verses from the Koran in green mosaics before arriving at Meknes, waiting for you to conduct a large tower in the traditional medina and side decorated by its monumental gates dating from the seventeenth century including rank and Bab Bab Berdaïne Khémis without forgotten places stables ( Roua ) walls , attics ( Heri ) , and Stud.
Following this unique tour you will stop at the Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail the only mosque that has access to non-Muslims to visit Morocco.
Finally come out with the famous Bab Mansour in the main square of Hédim , next to which the ” Dar Jamai ” Moroccan Art Museum which offers a wide variety of crafts is located.
And voila, your tour will end with your back to Fez via the highway about 4:00 p.m.